在2020年秋天, the Thacher Board of Trustees convened a special committee in response to allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment involving Thacher alumni, 当前的学生, 教师, 和工作人员. 该委员会随后聘请了芒格律师事务所(Munger, Tolles) & 对奥尔森(MTO)进行独立公正的调查. 调查结果和相关文件包括在本页供您审阅. 



这是足彩网历史上的一个重要时刻, one that we hope evokes both deep sorrow over the pain suffered by the most vulnerable members of our community and confidence for our future. It is only by holding ourselves accountable for the past that we can begin to heal and instill confidence that Thacher is focused on the safety and well-being of its students today and in the years to come.
芒格准备的调查报告,托尔斯 & 奥尔森, LLP (MTO), 以及交通部收到的新证据, 证明我们应该做更多的工作来处理可疑的虐待报告. 这包括识别掠食性梳理行为, 当虐待发生时及时干预, 向当局作出适当的报告, 并支持那些挺身而出的学生和校友. 这些失败是对我们最基本价值观的背叛. 董事会, 在昨晚的一次会议上, 决心对那些没有采取行动的领导人进行问责. 董事会还必须对未能进行充分监督承担责任. 我们对造成的伤害深表歉意. 
展示我们对问责制的承诺, 董事会和学校领导层已经采取了一些行动来回应该报告. 下面分享的清单包括在报告发布之前已经采取的行动, 最近几周采取的措施, 以及理事会昨晚通过的决议:
  • We have made the appropriate reports to law enforcement and to any known subsequent employers of perpetrators named in the MTO report, 我们将继续完全遵守所有的报告要求.
  • We are actively cooperating with the Ventura County’s Sheriff’s Department and other authorities and will continue to do so.
  • 我们将禁止在MTO报告中发现的性行为不端者进入校园.
  • 另外, we have clarified that Head of School Blossom Beatty Pidduck has the authority to ban any other adults from campus whom she reasonably concludes pose a potential safety risk to the community at this time or in the future.
  • 在适用情况下, we are also stripping the perpetrators of sexual misconduct identified in MTO’s report of any public recognition at Thacher, including removing former Head of School Bill Wyman’s name from the hiking trail currently named for him.
  • 我们要把穆里根的名字从校园食堂和运动场的台阶上抹去. 董事会 has taken this action due to the occasions on which former Head of School Michael Mulligan failed to appropriately demonstrate leadership and act when informed of concerns about sexual misconduct.
  • 我们正在建立一个学生安全和福祉常务委员会. 该委员会将提供集中的董事会层面的积极关注, oversight and leadership and will work with the Administration to assure that our students are safe, 包括性行为不当, 并处于身心健康的环境中. 该委员会的责任将包括保证及时执行 纠正措施 董事会先前承诺的, 我们鼓励我们的足彩网推荐去评估, and the creation of an ongoing sexual misconduct prevention and response education and training program for Trustees.
  • We have additionally committed as a Board to completing training on the survivor experience as well as boundary training by October 31st.
  • We have directed MTO to continue to receive and investigate reports of sexual misconduct as well as failures to respond appropriately at least through September 30, 2021. MTO还将准备一份报告,一旦完成,将与足彩网推荐共享.
  • 应开花学校校长比蒂·皮达克之邀, 董事会已经要求内政部调查她是否意识到, 和应对, 在担任足彩网夫人雇员期间发生的不当性行为. 
  • 我们已指示政府成立一个新的专责小组,详情见 纠正措施, to respond to allegations of sexual misconduct at Thacher and keep the Board’s Student Safety and Well-being Committee informed on a regular basis.
  • 我们仍然致力于进行审查, 由治理委员会领导, 评估及改善我们的管治. 董事会将在下一学年举行便利的场外会议,以推进这一进程.
  • 我们将保留独立候选人, highly qualified expert to undertake a comprehensive review of Thacher’s sexual misconduct education and response mechanisms, 包括现有的政策, 协议, 训练以及它们在实践中的作用.
关于调查本身, 委员会要重申,它是独立和公正地进行的. 我们在战术局聘请了外部独立调查律师来确保结果. While we are aware some alumni feel that the Board should have retained the power to agree or disagree with—and to publish or not publish—one or more of MTO’s findings, 如果执行局保留作出这些主观决定的权利, it would have negated the credibility and impartiality of the report in the eyes of many alumni and to the larger community. 自收到报告以来,在作出本信中宣布的决定之前, 审计委员会证实,对该报告进行了彻底调查, 支持, 和公正的. 委员会支持该报告及其调查结果. 
The removal of the Mulligan name from the dining hall and athletic fields’ steps as outlined above is not intended to—and will not—negate the many positive aspects of the Mulligans’ individual legacies. Indeed, these will continue to exist in the positive influence each had on countless students’ lives. 他们在足彩网期间的奉献和积极贡献不会被遗忘. 然而, the high honor associated with a name on a building is fundamentally inconsistent with the gravity and serious consequences of Michael Mulligan’s failure to protect Thacher students from harm.
董事会’s decision to no longer publicly honor them in this manner was a carefully considered one. We deliberated over the course of several meetings and acted only after a thorough review of all of the information before us. 在昨晚的会议上对这一决定的表决是一致通过的. 通过采取这一行动,我们忠于足彩网作为一所学校和一个足彩网推荐所追求的价值观. 我们教我们的学生面对他们所犯的错误并处理其后果. 如果我们不克制自己, 作为领导者, 以同样的标准, 我们不能期望我们的学生也这样做. 如果我们要前进,责任,过去和未来都是关键. 我们欠那些在足彩网的照顾下受到伤害的人.
在关闭, we again apologize to those who were subjected to sexual misconduct while in Thacher’s care—you were badly let down, 我们将永远铭记对你的勇气的深深遗憾和感激. We are hopeful that the actions detailed in this letter chart a path toward truth and reconciliation and demonstrate our commitment to doing all that we can to prevent such harm from ever happening again at Thacher.



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芒格接触,Tolles & 奥尔森

We encourage anyone who wishes to report an experience of sexual misconduct or harassment to contact MTO directly at thacher@mto.com or (213) 683-4910.


Anyone with information related to allegations of sexual misconduct at Thacher may contact Sergeant Hector Macias of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office at (805) 384-4730. 点击这里 去读治安官办公室的新闻稿. 

此外, 文图拉县家庭司法中心 能帮助所有受到这些痛苦事件影响的人吗. VCFJC是一个足彩网推荐合作应对家庭暴力的组织, 性侵犯, 虐待儿童, 虐待老人和受抚养的成年人, 人口贩卖, 仇恨犯罪和其他暴力犯罪. 所有服务均免费, 保密, 无论你是否向执法部门报告. 可致电(805)652-7655与VCFJC联系. 点击这里 to read a press release from the Ventura County District Attorney describing the services available from the VCFJC.


与足彩网政府合作, the board of trustees has created a support fund to provide assistance with therapy related to the trauma of sexual misconduct experienced during a student's time at Thacher. 该基金将由RAINN秘密独立管理和运作, 美国最大的反性暴力组织.S.,并由独立的第三方索赔管理员处理. Neither RAINN nor the third-party claims administrator will share any personally identifying information of those accessing the fund with the School or with Thacher's Board of Trustees. 校友 who wish to access these services are encouraged to call RAINN directly through either the toll-free hotline at or the local number for inter国家 callers at .


如有疑问,请发电子邮件与学校联系 thacherresponds@miditext.com.


  • 强奸、虐待和乱伦全国网络(RAINN): 瑞恩.org
  • 文图拉县家庭司法中心:/ vcfjc.org
  • 全国性侵热线:
  • 国家性暴力资源中心: www.nsvrc.org


    • Janie Carroll Richardson CdeP 1983,审计委员会主席,第15届,第17届(主席)
    • Christina Chiu Alfandary CdeP 1985, Program Committee主席,Parent ' 22
    • Justin Faggioli CdeP 1969,荣誉理事,家长' 00,' 02
    • 安妮卡·霍华德,人事委员会主席,12号、12号和16号家长
    • Stefanie Warren CdeP 1996,治理委员会主席
    • Daniel Yih,校董事会主席,第10、12、15号家长
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